Thomas was alone

Well, not him. In fact it was me, alone in my boredom. (But check the game about Thomas, it’s a life changing experience).

Then I realized, that it was more than a year that I haven’t studied anything new or even remotely exciting. How come? Good old routine. And a lack of practice doesn’t make anyone better. Plus I have a lot of CPE to grab and blogging is an easy way.

In the following articles I’ll get a random machine from and describe a process of hacking it. I’ll start from easy ones to see how things are going and then will get to more advanced boxes.

Акула в сети

Один из моих любимых игровых трейлеров начинается примерно так: «Когда-то давно древние ацтеки верили, что боги не просто подарили людям жизнь, но её пришлось украсть. Прометей украл огонь, а Альберих стащил кольцо».

Я ни на что не намекаю, но история эта стара как мир, и поговорим мы сегодня про воровство. А воровать мы будем сетевой трафик. И, конечно же, не воровать, а перехватывать =)


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Shark on a wire

One of my favorite game trailers starts with something like this: “Once upon a time Aztecs believed that the gods did not just gave life to the people, but it had to be stolen. Prometheus stole the eternal flame, and Alberich stole the ring”.

I’m not implying anything, but the story is as old as the world itself and we’ll talk about stealing today. We’re going to steal some network traffic. And, of course, it’s not stealing it’s intercepting =)


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