HTTP for the win!

About 10 years ago a very observant man formulated a new mantra – HTTP Is new TCP. Say what? Of course, not in the sense that the man decided to put HTTP to the transport level. No way! The key here is that in modern communications HTTP performs the same function as TCP on its level in vast majority of modern applications, including mobile apps, that use HTTP as a transport. And with rise of HTTP 2.0 this situation will not change in nearest future. The protocol has become a content delivery standard de facto, and HTTP is no longer viewed as a web protocol.

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Daughter of Typhon and Echidna

One of Us
So you’ve forgot your password. Congratulations! There’s nothing wrong with it and it happens way more often than you think. Of course, you could take care of everything in advance and set up one of the password managers so it could do everything for you, but you’re too busy for this, right?

I use Lastpass for many years now, but regularly I have to create temporary passwords for lab virtual machines, lab routers or even applications that I do not plan to use later anyway.

Well, it looks like we don’t have a choice here –  let’s guess or simply crack our own password.

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What is CISSP, how to get it, not to lose and why nobody needs it

It is an exaggeration to say that my road to CISSP began when I decided to study Cyber Security at my local University.  People at the age of 17 are generally very bad at planning their lives, especially when it comes to some new professions.

In fact, the decision to obtain CISSP was taken in 2017, when it became obvious that professional certificates of major vendors have finally ceased to fulfill their main function – to confirm the knowledge and experience of specialists. I have no idea whom to blame – online collections of dumps, the general level of questions in the tests, unscrupulous test centers and a lot of other factors.

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